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Why Don't You Go F*** Yourself!!

So Here’s What Happened When I Made 200 phone calls and Texted 500 people.

"Why don’t you go F*** yourself you piece of S***!! Getting paid to do S*** work!" That was a voter who didn’t appreciate receiving a text from me asking him to support my candidate in the Illinois Governor’s race. It’s not reflective of most people’s sentiment but it was enlightening for me.

I finally got the chance to meet who I’m working for to help get elected recently. He shook my hand, we had about a 4 minute conversation. We spoke about how a consistent presence of those capable of leading change, is needed in communities of color. People who have the resources to make things happen. He agreed. I wasn’t aware that he was about to speak to the office I was at corporately about his Economic Inclusion Plan. My favorite part of the 12 point plan is the Minority & Women-Owned Businesses Accelerators. Basically creating incubators that allow financially depressed areas access to resources, education, and collaboration.

So the real reason why that’s important to me.

The gentleman I spoke to had strong feelings about my candidate. Now I haven’t met a ton of them but Mr. Pritzker is the most socially conscious billionaire I’ve ever met. This post is about passing judgement.

The voter knew of my candidate but he didn’t know me at all and due to who I work for has no desire to get to know me. His ignorance of who I am and what my character is allows me to not be distracted by anger. I don’t love texting, calling, and emailing people I don’t know. I do however enjoy talking to people about things that are important to them. Currently the context is how they are governed. Most of us care, most us want to see each other prospering and doing well. That’s an ideal, something we all strive for. So where does the anger come from?

Disclaimer: It is possible to disagree with someone and still respect them. In rare cases dialog that leads to a broader perspective and maybe even a change in outlook can happen.

I can't be for certain, I have some theories, but here’s what I know. We have more that bonds us together, than separates us. There are certain institutions that benefit from things staying the way they are, polarized. There are people who honestly don't care if the public is well informed. I know I can go far alone, but I can go further with you. I desire to know why you feel the way you do and what informs that belief. I think that's how we grow. In an odd way I’m grateful for the call because he reminded how vitally important my presence is on the inside of conversation.

Love Courageously.

#government #philosophy #perspective #gratitude #politics #reality

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